July 23, 2024

Nigerian artist and dancer, Korra Obidi, who currently resides in the United States, caused quite a stir in the online community recently.


She hosted a live YouTube session with Don Jazzy, a prominent figure in Mavin Records, and the unexpected nature of this video chat brought joy to their fans.


The two of them sat casually on a bed, engaging in a relaxed conversation that took everyone by surprise.


Don Jazzy seemed pleasantly surprised by this impromptu YouTube live session and playfully joined in the conversation, displaying his amiable personality. During the session, Korra took the opportunity to walk Don Jazzy through the nuances of using YouTube’s live video features, showcasing her expertise on the platform.

Beyond tech talk, Korra also inquired about Don Jazzy’s social media preferences and habits. He candidly admitted that live videos weren’t his preferred mode of online interaction as they didn’t quite align with his style of engaging with his audience.

This unique and informal setup of Don Jazzy chilling on a bed provided fans with a new and genuine perspective on the music mogul. After the conversation with Don Jazzy, Korra continued her YouTube live chat with her own followers, sharing her experiences and insights.

The unexpected encounter between Korra Obidi and Don Jazzy had a lasting impact on their fans, sparking discussions and excitement within their respective fan communities. It offered a more personal and spontaneous glimpse into the music industry and social media interaction, endearing the artists to their audience in a special way.

Watch video below:


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