“Still on Trenches, The House Where Zinoleesky’s Mother Lives ” – Zinolesky Mother House Surface Online Video Goes Viral - Gistpeeps.com
June 17, 2024

A viral TikTok video recently surfaced, revealing Zinoleesky’s parents’ house, which has left many internet users surprised and shocked.


Concerned individuals have suggested that Zinoleesky’s parents should consider seeking both spiritual and physical therapy for their son to ensure his well-being and protect him from potential involvement in any illicit activities associated with the Marlian group.


Furthermore, allegations have arisen that Zinoleesky does not possess any property or car in his name, despite the lavish displays he showcases on social media. These claims have raised questions about his financial status and lifestyle.



Amidst the ongoing concerns and controversies, Nigerians are emphasizing the importance of Zinoleesky’s parents speaking up and seeking assistance before it’s too late. There are allegations that Naira Marley targets individuals from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, which has raised concerns about Zinoleesky’s well-being.


The post highlights the urgency for Zinoleesky’s parents to intervene and seek help for their son. It suggests that Zinoleesky might be in a vulnerable situation, influenced by his association with Naira Marley’s Marlian group. It encourages them to act both spiritually and physically to protect their son from potential harm.


The post also addresses the claim that Zinoleesky does not own any property or car in his name, suggesting that these assets are merely for show and were purchased under Marlian Music. It stresses the need for Zinoleesky to exit the record label and offers to provide guidance to upcoming artists on various aspects of dealing with record labels.


In essence, the post calls on Zinoleesky’s parents to act now and ensure their son’s well-being, highlighting the potential risks associated with his involvement with Naira Marley’s record label.



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