July 25, 2024

A groom was met with a correctional tap from his officiating priest after eagerly locking lips with his bride during their wedding ceremony.


The incident, which occurred during the couple’s church wedding quickly went viral, triggered massive reactions as priest prevented the groom from going close to his lover.


The video begins with the newlyweds, standing at the altar, their faces beaming with joy. As the priest pronounces them husband and wife, the couple can barely contain their excitement as they lock lips.


However, as they fully embraced the moment, the priest gently taps the groom on the back of his head, seemingly to remind him of the sanctity of the occasion. The groom, taken aback for a moment, quickly regains his composure and nods apologetically.


The bride, shocked with the interruption, breaks into laughter, her eyes twinkling with amusement. The priest, too, smiles warmly, the atmosphere filled with love and understanding.



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