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June 15, 2024

A man was surprised to the bones when singer Tems admired and boldly wooed him on stage during her stage performance.

In a social media post, the TikTok user @kingdre617 shared a video of Tems performing at a concert and claimed that she asked him to be her boyfriend.


The fan expressed his excitement, stating, “Not to brag or anything, but @Tems asked me to be her boyfriend.”


In the video, Tems was seen pointing at him while performing on stage and singing a romantic song.

The unexpected proposal from the renowned musician has caught the attention of fans and followers alike.

Netizens have flooded the comments section with mixed reactions, expressing their surprise, amusement, and curiosity.

@Peter said: “I’ve gyattt to go to a tems concert.”

@wop said: “WHO ME?” “You, yeah!”
“AGGGHHHHHHHHHH” @@. You were all of us in that situation brotha.”

@HunchMunch said: “Better than me, I would’ve curve pitched my boxers to the stage (o love that woman.”

@davemuan said: “You yea” I would’ve tried to get on stage oh.”

@Blessed sinn’r reacted: “Man I would have had my number on a sign!”

@August reacted: “I Plead the Thrift!” congratulations.”

@jimmyhendrinx said: “WHO MEEEEEE, YAAAAAAAAAH”

See the video below:




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