July 24, 2024

A video of a lady rolling on the floor and creating a scene at the airport after landing in UK has surprised many.


the video shared on social media, the woman was seen making unexpected gestures in what appears to be a moment of joy and relief.


According to the excited woman’s caption, she had just made past the UK border.

She wrote, “POV: Finally escaped UK Border with all reading and reading.”


The woman’s unconventional celebration has caught the attention of netizens. Some found her action embarrassing, questioning the appropriateness of such behavior.


However, others expressed understanding, noting that those who have experienced immigration challenges can relate to the overwhelming relief of successfully passing through border control.

@otunbablog reacted: “Hmmm ONLY people who have EXPERIENCE immigration challenge will understand Her better. Congratulations my sister
may the land respond to you in Good way, AMEN.”


@shakar_el said: “You don’t know what you have entered my dear lol.”


soniaquee_n said: “On top UK? If it’s not US and Canada take a chill.”

@kilishiextra said: “What is this?!
Like what the actual fouk is this?”

@officialbomaigah commented: “This is so emb*rr^ssing. I don’t care what y’all think you are escaping from. Comport yourself. When these people start treating you like sh*t, what’s your defence??”

@nadraassy2 said: “Welcome to some tears, shege, new accent, tax, shifts and a sprinkle of racism.”

@laarmedeh said: “Dey almost finished my sister, asking about her job. Calling her school to authenticate her she didn’t send them fake docs because she was too young for her job experience and education level. E reach to roll.. fear catch everybody.”

@fmaduabughichi said: “You go use your hand do wetin go make them begin put eye for your body in the name of content.”


See the video below:


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