“You're My Little Bro..I’m your Aunty Wiz” – Media guy reveals what Genevieve Nnaji told Wizkid for crushing on her (Video) - Gistpeeps.com
May 22, 2024

Popular media guy Mazi pondis posted on his official Facebook page telling ladies to stop allowing small boys to insult them because they appear rich.


He said, “Here’s a little story to buttress my point… Wizkid was once crush|ng on Genevieve Nnaji and was very loud about it until one day he met the lady and told her, Genevieve looked at him very well and said, I’m your aunty Wiz, and that was how the crush|ng and infatuations died and Wizkid became a fan since then”.


Genevieve wasn’t rude at all, she was just doing this considering what will happen in future. Today she and Wizkid are almost in the same level of fame. She was also older than Wizkid and this would have made him pompous if she didn’t turn him down, he said.


He also said ladies should know their worth and should never bring themselves down for small vanity. He said he have seen small boys staging their aunty at the mall, club, and churches because they have small cash and car. He further advised matured ladies to be careful and never let any random guy bring them down.


Watch video of Wizkid speaking on crushing on Genevieve Nnaji below….



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