July 25, 2024

Ghanaian socialite Abena Korkor has sparked outrage after her p0n∅ video leaked on social media.


The leaked video, which was released by an unidentified person, caused an uproar among internet users.


Abena Korkor is seen in a self-recorded video energetically using a black s£ks toy for personal pleasure


The video suggests a prolonged history of her reliance on such items, given the apparent ease with which she uses it.


While Abena Korkor is known for sharing such videos, but this one was most likely intended for a specific loved one but ended up circulating online.


Netizens who watched the explicit video expressed disappointment and anger towards the mental health advocate.

Please note that, due to policy restrictions, we cannot share the video on our platform.


In other news, Abena Korkor alleges that NDC Top official, Akamba And Deputy Dir. Of Cyber Crime Unit are responsible for leaking her explicit video online.




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