July 25, 2024

Nigerian woman breaks down in tears as all her money vanishes from her OPay account

A heart-wrenching video of a Nigerian woman shedding tears on the floor after discovering that all the money in her OPay account had disappeared has gone viral on social media


The distressing incident was captured by TikTok blogger @brenda_koko, who shared the video with the caption, “All her money gone just like that.”


The woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, was seated on the floor, her anguished expression reflecting the pain she felt over her inexplicably empty account.


The location of the incident was not provided, although it bore the appearance of an office for financial services.


The woman was surrounded by security personnel who were unable to console her, further highlighting the gravity of her situation.


The viral video has led to a divisive discourse among Nigerians, with many expressing outrage and concern over the safety of funds held in digital financial institutions, especially those like OPay, which offer a wide range of financial services.


In response to the video, many social media users have shared their own experiences, some recounting similar issues with their OPay accounts and others urging the company to address the security concerns promptly.




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