July 25, 2024

A young Nigerian lady pours out her hurt as she shares her transformation before and after a ghastly accident that claimed the lives of other people.

A TikTok user identified as Jessica Posh took to the video-sharing platform to reflect on the irreversible state a car accident left her face.

The once beautiful and lively lady now carries a scar from the incident, both a physical wound and a traumatizing one.

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Sharing before and after looks, she emphasized how fickle life is and how nobody knows the fate that awaits them in the future.

The video has since generated waves of reactions from other users who gather to console the lady while reminding her of how beautiful she looks regardless.

Reactions trailing transformation of lady following accident

Ola penned: “A lot of people won’t understand the low self esteem and depression, I pray you find happiness 🙏🏼.”

Ugegbe🪞😊 opined: “You are still very beautiful babe thank God for life 😊 sending ❤️.”

Stubborn Love😍 said: “OH MY GOD😞😞Sorry dear may God be with you all the time.”

𝓜ᖇ 𝔣ŕ𝐄€𝐦𝔞𝐧 said: “For this life, God has ordained you that nothing ll cut off your joy and your life. Shey dem try but God didn’t let them win. Dear u ll see more love.”

Watch the video below

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