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June 16, 2024

Manume Nicholas Chijioke, a resident of Etche in Rivers State, Nigeria, has propelled himself into the spotlight with an ingenious invention—an innovative cooking gas that operates using an unconventional blend of water and fuel.


Chijioke’s groundbreaking creation harnesses a unique composition, utilizing 80% water and 20% fuel to power this revolutionary cooking gas.


The remarkable aspect of this cooking gas isn’t merely its composition but its functionality. Designed to be rechargeable and equipped with touch screen controls, this cooking gas system not only provides an environmentally friendly alternative but also incorporates modern technological features for user convenience and ease of use.


Chijioke, the mastermind behind this inventive project, has set his sights on making this technology more accessible to the Nigerian population. He firmly believes in the potential impact of his creation on households across the country.



However, to further develop and produce this innovative cooking gas on a larger scale, he is now appealing to fellow Nigerians for their support and backing.


In a statement, Chijioke expressed his earnest plea, emphasizing the transformative potential of his invention and its positive implications for the community.


He highlighted that with the support of Nigerians, he can significantly increase production and distribution, making this groundbreaking cooking gas widely available across the nation.


The call for support extends beyond mere financial assistance. Chijioke hopes to garner support through collaborations, partnerships, and any form of aid that can contribute to scaling up the production and accessibility of this eco-friendly cooking solution.



The invention of this cooking gas stands as a testament to Nigerian innovation and ingenuity, showcasing the potential for groundbreaking advancements within the country.


With the right support and encouragement from the community, Chijioke is confident in his ability to transform the cooking landscape in Nigeria while contributing positively to sustainability efforts.


Watch the video below;


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