July 25, 2024

A TikTok user with the handle @triplets__delesafa left netizens amazed when she revealed the cost of her flight from Lagos to Ibadan.

In her video, she stated that she paid just N10,000 naira, a fee which would have been N6,500 if she had arrived earlier.



Delesafa spills details about cheap airline in Lagos

According to Delesafa, the airline, Green Africa, charges as little as N6,500 for a flight from Lagos to Ibadan.

Delesafa said she visited their handle on Instagram and clicked on a link to buy tickets for her flight.


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@triplets__delesafa The price of the flight is actually as low as 6,500 but we booked our flight late so we paid 10,000 each..Y’all should recommend nice restaurants and places in Ibadan🥺❤️ #delesafatriplets ♬ original sound – Triplets❤️


Many were surprised at the affordability of the flight, considering the distance between the two cities.


@Mercy_Divar said:

“I don finally see flight wey I go fit enter.”

@Jessy wealth said:

“Like 10k for everything.”

@saraiii asked:

“Do they travel to Calabar?”

@meerahbae13 said:

“Can u actually book dere flight from Ibadan to lagos?”

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