“No DNA Needed” – Nigerian Dad and Look-alike Son Sleep Like Twins in Video, People React (Watch Video) - Gistpeeps.com
June 17, 2024

An intriguing video of a Nigerian baby sleeping beside his father has stunned netizens on Instagram.


The footage captured the father and son in a peaceful slumber while the mother recorded the adorable scene.


Netizens were captivated by the baby’s uncanny resemblance to his father, leading to a flood of comments and reactions.


Viewers were quick to express their amazement and fascination with the baby’s striking resemblance to his father.

Commenting on the video, social media users engaged in a lively discussion about the significance of good looks in determining parent-child resemblance.

Many emphasised the importance of marrying an attractive partner, believing it could contribute to the likelihood of having good-looking offspring.

Others flooded the comments section with admiration for the baby’s resemblance to his father.

@amina_minaah reacted:


“Copy and paste.”

@everything_waterbottle said:

“The beauty choke.”

@kinky_vee reacted:

“To marry fine person dey compulsory oh make dem no dey accuse ur child for stealing if anything who’s missing wowo-ness comes with a lot of baggages. You’ll be looking like a suspect.”

@ifymelo_ said:

“So beautiful. But watin two of them dey suuck? The wife bwess go sweet diee be that.”

@commanderr_tom reacted:

“What in the copy and paste is this.”

@memes_by_emmy said:

“No DNA needed.”

@iamkizitoleo said:

“No dna needed.”

@lilian_lianchi said:

“Awww, so sweet. See as them fine.”

Watch the video below:



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