“Meet Kelvin the Virgin” – The First Nigerian Man to Graduate as a Virgin (Watch) - Gistpeeps.com
June 17, 2024

Kelvin, also known as Zedrock, has recently graduated from Federal Polytechnic Oko in Anambra State, achieving this milestone while maintaining his virginity.


Pursuing a degree in Estate Management and Valuation, he shared that his journey wasn’t easy, as he encountered numerous advances from women. However, he remained steadfast in staying true to himself and prioritizing his values.



Reflecting on his experience, Kelvin expressed, ‘I prioritize myself above all else. Despite countless attempts by women to sway me, I rely on prayer and commitment to stay true to my principles.’


He has made a commitment to retain his virginity until marriage, emphasizing his determination to uphold this promise.”


See photos below;






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