“Just Prepare, You Go Meet Us For Coven By 1am” – Kanayo Tells a Hypeman Who Called Him ‘Nnanyi Sacrifice’ (Video) - Gistpeeps.com
June 17, 2024

At a public occasion, Nollywood actor Kanayo O. Kanayo made a playful threat against a hype man who referred to him as a “Nnayi Ritualist.”


A video that Kanayo posted to his Instagram profile showed him sitting in an open arena with a few buddies, enjoying some entertainment from the boy’s hyping abilities.


The child boldly called Kanayo a ritualist while hyping him, and he encouraged others not to go outdoors after two in the morning in order to prevent being beheaded by individuals who look like the actor.



In response to the ludicrous tirade, Kanayo O. Kanayo playfully intimidated the boy, stating:

“He don talk finish, don’t worry, he go meet us for 1am.”

Sharing the video, the actor appreciated the boy’s talent as he wrote: “Talents everywhere. Kudos. Keep Horning your skill. You will be celebrated.”




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