“It entered My Body Wotowoto” – Untouchable Comedies, a Renowned Skit-maker, Left in Tears as Colleagues Execute a Fire Outbreak Prank on His Newly Acquired Mansion (Watch) - Gistpeeps.com
June 15, 2024

In a recent and widely circulated video that has left social media buzzing, the renowned Nigerian skit-maker, known as “Untouchable Comedies,” found himself in an unexpected and emotional situation as his colleagues orchestrated an elaborate fire outbreak prank on his newly acquired multi-million-dollar mansion in Enugu.

Untouchable Comedies, celebrated for his humorous content and comedic talent, had been basking in the glory of acquiring an opulent mansion when his colleagues devised a prank that would take him from the heights of joy to the depths of emotional vulnerability.


The intricately staged prank left Untouchable Comedies believing that his cherished mansion was engulfed in flames, as real firefighters were brought to the scene to enhance the authenticity of the situation.

The emotional toll of this elaborate ruse was evident as the skit-maker, who is usually the one spreading laughter, was moved to tears. The authenticity of the prank was such that it evoked genuine and heartfelt emotions from the popular entertainer.


This incident has led to discussions among the entertainment community and fans about the fine line between comedy and emotional sensitivity. It serves as a stark reminder that, even in the world of comedy, even the most celebrated entertainers can find themselves unexpectedly touched by vulnerability.

As the video continues to circulate and gain attention online, it underscores the power of pranks to evoke real and profound emotions, even from those who are accustomed to making others laugh.

Watch the video below;




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