“Israel Come And Marry Me..,No Bride Prize Involve” – Nigerian Lady Professes Love for Isreal DMW, Urges Marriage Amidst Marital Saga (Watch) - Gistpeeps.com
June 15, 2024

Ella Ada, a Nigerian woman, has publicly declared her affection and interest in Isreal DMW, the logistics manager for music sensation Davido, amid reports of a marital rift he’s allegedly experiencing.

In an impassioned plea on social media, Ella Ada openly expressed her admiration for Isreal and made a heartfelt appeal for him to consider marrying her.


Taking to various social media platforms, Ella Ada poured out her emotions, professing her love for Isreal DMW and urging him to take her hand in marriage.


She cited her Igbo heritage and emphasized her qualities, portraying herself as an ideal partner, especially in comparison to Isreal’s current marital situation.


In her public plea, Ella Ada advised Isreal to consider her as a potential partner, highlighting her respectful nature, which she contrasted with her perception of his current wife’s behavior.


She suggested that a union with her would offer the kind of respect and understanding that, according to her, his current marriage lacked.


Drawing parallels to the relationship choices of Isreal’s boss, Davido, who married an Igbo woman, Ella Ada encouraged Isreal to take inspiration from Davido’s choice and consider marrying her, an Igbo woman, asserting that their cultural background would be a basis for a harmonious relationship.


The bold and unconventional declaration of affection by Ella Ada swiftly gained attention on social media platforms, prompting varied reactions from users across the internet.



Watch the video below;




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