“I’m tired of being alone; I just want to be someone’s wife or girlfriend” – Elderly woman cries out (Watch) - Gistpeeps.com
June 18, 2024

An elderly woman breaks down in tears as she laments over her protracted singleness and inability to find love.

The woman took to social media to reveal that she’s tired of being alone and wants to be with someone.



According to her, she wants to be someone’s wife and if that isn’t possible, she doesn’t mind settling down to being someone’s girlfriend.


She said that she knows that she might not be very pretty to other people but she appreciates her looks.


The elderly woman took off her glasses as the pain of her situation became too much for her.

Social media users expressed sympathy:


perpetualhairextensions2 said: “Loneliness is crazy , Growing old alone is not funny, … You’ll enjoy it while you’re young but you see that old age ehn! It’s tough”


ayzne_ wrote: “May you find love ma’m… an intentional man


the_saucee_ wrote: “It hurts to be alone sometimes. I hope some deluded feminists don’t end up like this.”


partyshopng stated: “True love has a way of increasing your happiness. Knowing you have someone in your corner that loves ou is bliss.”


Watch the video below:





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