July 25, 2024

Martins Vincent Otse, known as Verydarkman, a champion of human rights and a prominent voice on social media, made a pit stop at a healthcare center for an HIV test, shared his interaction with the healthcare staff through a video that set the internet abuzz.

In a video peeped on his Instagram profile, there was Verydarkman, perched and under the doctor’s examination, encircled by few crowd of curious onlookers.


While undergoing the HIV test and anxiously anticipating the result, he deftly sprinkled humor into the suspenseful air. With a cheeky grin, he quipped that if the HIV test showed a positive result, it might just knock the wind out of his sails, leaving him a bit less of his usual controversial self on social media.


The social media critic received an eye-opening lesson about the hidden truths surrounding individuals living with HIV and AIDS. Among these revelations was the fact that someone with HIV can marry a person free of the virus and even start a family without the risk of passing on the infection to their kids.


After the test, he was offered a stash of condoms, which he accepted with some reluctance, explaining his reservations about its use during intercourse.


Verydarkman also seized the opportunity to snap selfies with a few healthcare professionals who were evidently his admirers.


Captioning the clip, he wrote;


“The kind of joy when some people go feel if to say I catch ehn,them go throw party anyways l’m not a fan of condom na so I go dey test always”


Watch the video below;


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