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June 17, 2024

An invigilator mounts a high table to monitor and catch students engaging in malpractice while writing exams.


The university students were in for a shocker when their Invigilator decided to climb a table so as to get a wider view of them all.


He could be seen standing on a very high table while watching the students as they wrote their exams.


His presence was meant to serve as a deterrent for those planning to do malpractice while writing their exams.


See reactions Below;

@confidential penned: “I go still do expo… una no even know me😂😂😂”


@hopefully7762 stated: “We go still do expo 😂😂 if you like Dey fly round”


@RAE🍭🥷 remarked: “I go still do my expo..me wey be Queen of mgbo😭😂😂”


@PEACE OHOTU wrote: “for my department if you like con sit-down untop our head we go still do expo 😂😂😂😂”


@Faith🥰 said: “If nah so the same military monitor the election e for better 😏😅oversabi with the second -class l struggle to get na online vendor l be rubbish”


Watch video below;




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