“Everyone na Scãmmer in this Country” – Comedian Brain Jotter laments after getting scammed by a physically challenged hawker..(Watch) - Gistpeeps.com
May 20, 2024

Popular Nigerian Instagram comedian and skitmaker, Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Amuzie better known as Brain Jotter had lamented after getting scammed by a hand!capped.

The comedian had some days back, won the hearts of many when he offered assistance to a physically challenged lady.




Unfortunately, the physically challenged has been deceiving the public about his identity. Anonymous blog, Gistlover exposed the hand!capped as a boy parading as a lady to make ends meet. To worsen things, the physically challenged boy has been offered financial assistance numerous times in the past.


Taking to his Instagram story to react to the shocking news, Jotter revealed that someone had helped the hawker before with N600,000.

Confirming that the hawker is a man, he expressed how tired he is of the level of scammers in the country.


“If I tell you say I no tire, I dey lie. Just negodu. Bro deceived us all.

Some people have helped him with over 600k before. He lied!! He is a MAN!!”.



Surprisingly, some netizens defended the hawker noting how women are more favored.


One I Am Dat Sonia wrote, “He knows that it’s easy for us women please let him be he didn’t steal that was his own way of surviving even with his one hand his still hustling


One Woo Szn wrote, “If he was a man would be brain Jotter help him? Funny society


One Ladyque wrote, “He didn’t need to lie na. he would’ve still gotten help as a man


In a video shared on his social media page, he revealed that while on his way to set, he spotted a hand!capped lady, Eniola hawking pure water in the traffic and was moved to help her.



After conversing with her, he found out that she is from Osun State and is a make-up artist. In a bid to source money to buy equipment for her make-up business, she was left with no option but to take to the street to hawk.


She told the comedian that she would need N400k to start her business and surprisingly, Brain Jotter gifted her the huge sum.


One Fossil wrote, “Man or woman, it doesn’t matter. Helping someone should come from your mind


One Annie Dinma wrote, “This is to tell you that it will be hard to make it as a man in this country. Maybe he has been hustling as a guy but he is not making it


One Nickie Goldee wrote, “I believe everything we do in life is for a reason. We need to hear from the boy first before we conclude on the matter”.


In other news, some months back, Brain Jotter bought a car for his mum.


According to Brain Jotter, the Toyota Venza he gifted his mother is the first car she would own.


In the emotional video, his mum broke down in tears and thought it was a skit, until she realized that it was a real.

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