March 3, 2024

After all this we’ve gone back to being strangers.” Cuppy notes cryptic post months after detaching with her fiance

Nigerian DJ and businesswoman Cuppy has shared a cryptic post on social media months after her separation from her fiance, Ryan Taylor.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Cuppy wrote: “After all this we’ve gone back to being strangers.”

The tweet has sparked speculation about Cuppy’s relationship status.

Some people have interpreted the tweet to mean that Cuppy and Taylor have broken up,

while others have speculated that they are simply going through a rough patch.

Cuppy has not clarified what she meant by the tweet.

However, it is clear that she is still struggling to cope with the breakup.

In a previous interview, Cuppy said that the breakup had been “very difficult” for her.

She said that she had loved Taylor very much and

that she was still trying to come to terms with the end of their relationship.

Cuppy’s tweet has received a lot of support from her fans.

Many people have sent her messages of encouragement and solidarity.

“You are not alone, Cuppy,” wrote one fan. “We are all here for you.”

“You are a strong woman, Cuppy,” wrote another fan. “You will get through this.“

It is important to respect Cuppy’s privacy and to allow her to heal at her own pace.

She is a public figure, but she is also a human being with feelings.

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