March 2, 2024

Work smart, play hard – finding the sweet spot between them is the secret sauce for a life well-lived. Play is like a soulful whisper, nudging us to realize life isn’t just about the grind but also about relishing the good stuff.


Destiny Etiko knows the drill; she opted for a quick getaway abroad, tossing in some beachside fun in a sizzling bikini that set tongues wagging among fans and fellow celebrities.


  • Destiny Etiko, a dedicated dynamo in the vibrant world of Asaba filmmaking, presently relishing a well-deserved break abroad, joyfully unveiled delightful snapshots from her latest seaside escapade in the United States.
  • Her absolutely stunning bikini-clad figure took center stage, setting tongues wagging among enthusiastic fans and high-profile personalities alike.


Renowned Nigerian Actress and Film Artisan, Destiny Etiko, set the internet ablaze with a recent video flaunting her beach adventure beyond the Nigerian territory.


The Nollywood star, presently enjoying a leisurely break in the United States, took a detour to the bustling South Beach in Miami, Florida, reveling in a full-on fiesta of her life.


Destiny was caught sporting a bikini, flaunting her alluring physique as she sprinted and leaped on the sandy terrain, while the refreshing beach waves caressed her with cool whispers.


She forged connections with some individuals of Caucasian descent, snapping selfies with them, relishing every moment of her enjoyable beach adventure.

Destiny Etiko captioned the video;

it’s a beach day guys Just wanna have fun and enjoy my little vacation”



Nollywood superstars like Toyin Abraham, Onyii Alex, others flocked to her comment section, showering accolades upon her.


However, a faction of online denizens expressed discontent over her overtly revealing physique showcased in the video.








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