“Could it be My village People??” – Man cries out after finding huge creature in his car (Video) - Gistpeeps.com
May 20, 2024

A man has shared a video of a huge creature he found in his car and by extension, caused massive reactions among social media users.


The clip was shared on TikTok with handle, @claytonconner13, and it revealed the creature, which appeared to be an owl, sitting in the driver’s seat with its wings spread and kept staring at the man.


A female, who was with the man, was on the other side of the car as she watched the owl.



Although, it is not clear how the owl got there, the video caused debates among viewers. While some people thought it was a sign of a bad thing to come, others said it was a good omen.


Throughout history and across various cultures, people have seen owls as both symbols of wisdom and good luck, as well as omens of death.





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